California has seen some of the worst torrential rains in history. As a result, much of Los Angeles County is flooded. Some roofs are leaking. Water entry is damaging carpets, flooring, and furniture. And before winter is over, more rain will most likely arrive.

You can save thousands of dollars with professional water damage restoration in Los Angeles by Dave’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. If your carpet gets wet, we will provide professional carpet cleaning on both sides, and replace the padding where it is wet. In addition, your valuable possessions can be recovered and will not require replacement.

Emergency Dry-Outs

The experienced professionals at Dave’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning have over 70 years of experience responding to flood emergencies. They continue to be available for emergencies 24 hours a day, every day. Whether from a broken pipe, a broken fish tank, an overfilled tub, a leaking roof, or storm damage, Dave’s family-owned business has tackled all of these and many other wet emergencies.

While the current storms have been the worst in recent history, this is not the first time Los Angeles has seen flooding. The process Dave’s team utilizes has developed and improved over time. New technology and products are consistently applied to ensure the best outcome at the lowest price.

Each situation is unique concerning the area of carpet involved, the amount of water, the length of flooding, and damage underneath the carpet. However, there are several practical steps routinely followed.

The process of an emergency dry-out is designed to minimize inconvenience to the client. Every effort is made to return the space to normal function quickly. Some of what you might expect to include:

  • The Power Truck Mount – The power of the truck mount machine allows it to suck 100 gallons of liquid immediately. This is why time is of the essence if you find flooding from rainy weather or any other reason. The sooner the fluid is removed, the less damage will occur.
  • Inspection – Once the water has been removed, the carpet is carefully lifted to inspect the underlay below. This padding is usually rubber, foam, fiber, or sponge-like material. If it has been damaged, it will be removed and require replacement.
  • Drying – After being assured that the surfaces below the carpet are dry and intact, specialized drying units are placed, if needed, beneath the elevated carpet to dry fibers from the bottom up. When fully dried, the carpet is inspected for damage, and the area is replaced if necessary.
  • Cleaning – Once the carpet has been repositioned and attached back in place, a thorough cleaning is performed on both sides of the carpet. The same power truck mount that removed the liquid now uses its powerful suction to remove even the smallest piece of debris left by the flooding.
  • Return to Use – Now return to full functionality. Enjoy the new-looking, fresh-smelling carpet recovered by Dave’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, the best carpet cleaning in Los Angeles County.
  • If the walls or ceiling get soaked, Dave’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning can dry your structure as well, using dehumidifiers.

Dave’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning was awarded “Best Carpet Cleaning in Los Angeles 2022” by This consumer advocacy group investigates over 6,000 businesses a month. It is an honor for Dave’s to have received this prestigious award.

Not Only Interior Flooding

The water collected outside of a home or business from the amount of rainy weather lately may need evacuation and surface repair and cleaning. Flooded entryways, artificial grass, boat decks and cabins, barns, balconies, and driveways are a few other areas where water entry can cause damage and cost more to repair or replace than to recover.

Home and Commercial Flooding

There are many tools Dave’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning has at their disposal to remedy any liquid intrusion problem. Depending on the job requirements, machines range from handheld to conventional, industrial, and power truck mount.

The collateral damage from flooding due to leaky roofs or water entry due to the rainy weather also affects your furniture. Leaks from above can cause identical damage to upholstered furniture or sofas as to the carpet. Damage from earlier flooding can oftenbe removed, but the best result happens when the problem is addressed before the mold is allowed to grow and a stain sets.

Hopefully, you will not require an emergency dry-out. However, if you do, Dave’s Carpet is here to help!Our services stretch from Malibu to Long Beach, from Pacific Palisades to Inglewood, from Burbank to Chavez Ravine, and all areas in between. For the most comprehensive, affordable carpet and upholstery cleaning in Los Angeles, and a name trusted for 70 years, call Dave’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning today at 310.230.3800, or visit to learn more.

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