1. Focus on the Paws

Most of the debris that finds its way into your home will come from the dog’s paws. Cleaning the dog’s paws after each walk reduces the amount of dirt they will disperse throughout your home. Soto prolong time between carpet cleanings, keep a towel, wipes, and a spray bottle near the door to catch mud and dirt before entering with your pups.

2. Clean Dog, Clean House

The cleaner you can keep your dog, the less dirt and mess they can make throughout the home. Regular brushing and bathing will reduce the amount of oil and dirt on their bodies and in their fur that can be transferred onto the carpet – as well as the upholstery (Dave’s can clean your furniture as well).

3. Runners to High Traffic Areas

Using runners in the higher trafficked areas of your home will help to collect dirt before the pooch gets to your primary and more expensive carpeting in the home. It’s best to monitor your dog’s traffic patterns and lay down runners that should help catch excess dirt before he or she starts to roam around.

4. Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming of highly trafficked areas is the only way to stay on top of the never-ending supply of shedding hair and dirt that comes with having a four-legged best friend.

5. Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Besides keeping up with cleaning and vacuuming, when you have a dog, there is no substitute for a professional carpet cleaning service from a team of experienced specialists. When you book your appointment, remind the scheduler that you have a dog, so technicians can adequately prepare for the added dander and debris that will be found in the carpets.

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