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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Santa Monica

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Without Santa Monica, the west side of Los Angeles might not attract as many diverse groups who flock there to work, put down roots, or simply enjoy an evening.

Santa Monica undoubtedly adds a dash of history, color and excitement to West L.A.

With its many public parks and walkability for all who live, work and play there, Santa Monica is a charming community that almost feels like a small European city.

But when it comes to landmarks, one of the most famous in Santa Monica is 100 percent American. Santa Monica is the ultimate destination of the iconic Route 66. Untold millions of Americans who got their kicks on the historic road would arrive at the Santa Monica Pier ready for fun in the sun, the ocean and the charm.

Speaking of Route 66, when Dave’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning services began operating in Santa Monica (the very first location), the road was still the main drag out west, and the Interstate highway system merely a twinkle in President Eisenhower’s eye. That was 70 years ago. Carpet has certainly evolved since 1952, and so has Dave’s. But the traditional customer care is still very much the same.

Santa Monica is a dog-friendly city, with four off-leash parks and many pet-friendly hotels and vacation rentals. (See bringfido.com).

When dogs are part of the family, they often use their home as any other resident would – which means lots of dog hair and the occasional “accident.”

It’s a perfect opportunity to schedule regular professional carpet cleaning to remove dog hair, one of those accidents or even dirt tracked in from the garden.

With three and a half miles of coastline, Santa Monica has no lack of material for photographers and sports enthusiasts alike. The cliff-side public park along Ocean Avenue is a perfect vantage point for photo ops and sunset canoodling.

Santa Monica is such a walkable and surfable community, there are plenty of opportunities to extract dirt and sand from beautiful off-white Berber or bright orange shag – or even other surfaces like tile, vinyl plank and kitchen linoleum.

The city of Santa Monica is essential to the entertainment industry, with its plethora of post-production facilities. City boosters have cultivated and renovated the historic light-industrial buildings as a hub for entertainment post-production services.

And don’t forget the technology hub centered around the Water Garden business park, which attracts talent from all over the world and ensures that Santa Monica will continue to be vibrant and diverse for many years to come.

As you can see, the city of Santa Monica has a lot to offer, including professional carpet and upholstery cleaning by us. If you need a quote, call us at (310) 230-3800 or e-mail us for a quick response. And be sure to have some photos ready of your treasured textiles so we can give you the most accurate quote possible!