The furniture throughout your home can be one of the biggest obstacles to preventing torn, buckled, or otherwise damaged carpeting. Couches, tables, chairs, and other heavy pieces can leave dents and divots that can be difficult to repair and return to top condition. Dents in carpeting form when heavy furniture sits in the same position for months or years.

Thicker carpets require regular attention as they attract deeper indentations from furniture legs. From rotating furniture to helpful discs, there are certain measures you can take to minimize the appearance of divots and dents in your carpeting.

Furniture Coasters

As drink coasters protect tabletops and counters, furniture coasters are designed to protect your carpets from legs digging into the floor covering. Small discs work to absorb and redistribute the weight of the legs of couches, tables, beds, and other heavy items so they do not penetrate the carpeting and cause deep divots.

Protective Padding

The padding underneath your carpeting is the hidden hero of your floor covering. Thinner, firmer padding helps to reduce denting from furniture legs. Thicker, more plush padding is more comfortable and provides better sound insulation but requires extra attention and protection from your furniture. The key is to find the balance that works best for you and your furniture.

Caster Caps

The difference between caster caps and the previously mentioned coasters are the small spikes that are attached to one side of the disc that serves to separate carpet strands. This further reduces the chances of deep denting and makes dents easier to vacuum out and restore the carpeting’s thickness and luster.

Rotate Furniture

Rearranging your furniture, especially the heaviest of items, can be a backbreaking hassle, but an annual moving around of large pieces can help keep your carpeting looking fresh and extend the life of the carpet. Carpet damage is a heightened concern for items of excessive weight like entertainment centers, pianos, and pool tables. Periodically rotating or even slightly shifting the heaviest items of your interior décor can help save the carpeting from longer periods of stress and pressure.

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