The cleanest, freshest, most beautiful carpeting can lose its luster and texture when it shows ripples, wrinkles, and buckling. Some carpet buckles can be easily and naturally removed, while other wrinkling can cause significant damage requiring professional carpet repair in Los Angeles from the industry leaders at Dave’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.

There are a variety of ways your carpets can buckle or wrinkle. Understanding the causes of carpet buckling can help you prevent it and keep your carpets smooth and even.

1.     Wet Carpet

Excess moisture in your carpets can pose a number of different problems, including swelling and wrinkling. The quicker you can dry out any areas of your carpeting that have gotten wet, the less chance there is that it will buckle.

2.     Humidity

Humidity is the moisture that is in the air that gets into the carpet fibers. In more humid climates, carpet buckling can be a long-term problem that can present itself for months at a time throughout the year.

3.     Heavy Items

When rearranging or moving heavy furniture, dragging them across a carpeted room will stretch the carpeting out and cause wrinkle and buckles along the way. If heavy items are moved without picking them up, they can cause serious, permanent damage that will require replacement through professional carpet repair in Los Angeles.

4.     Faulty Installation

Carpeting that is not installed by professionals using power stretchers risk the carpeting fasteners coming loose and causing buckles throughout the room. Tack strips and nails that are insecurely placed can create wrinkles and other imperfections as the carpeting installation settles.

5.     Padding Issues

The padding underneath your carpets serves to add support and comfort. If the padding is too thick and incompatible with the type of carpeting that is installed, itcan not only damage your carpeting, but can also void the manufacturer’s warranty.

6.     Manufacture Defect

Speaking of manufacturer, they are not all the same and not always perfect. Manufacturer defects can prevent carpeting from lying flat. Imperfections and mistakes can cause permanent buckling that will leave you no choice but to ask for a return or refund.

What Can Be Done About Carpet Buckling?

Depending on the extent and cause of the damage, there are some remedies that can smooth out buckled carpets. Sometimes the problem will go away by itself, such as the drying out of wet carpeting. Some buckling issues will require the services of carpet repair experts to return the carpeting to its former condition.

Knee kickers are commonly used to stretch out minor carpet buckles, while a power stretcher can fix more dramatic wrinkles in your carpeting. When in doubt, it is in your best interest to contact a carpet repair professional at Dave’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to ensure the safety and care of your carpeting.

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