Your carpets set the tone for the look and décor of your home. Frayed or torn carpeting can lead to larger, costlier problems, so it is best to make repairs as quickly as possible. Many carpet repairs in Los Angeles  are easily fixed by following some common-sense guidelines.

Static Electricity

Nylon carpeting generates electricity much more easily than carpets made of wool or polyester. Newer carpets are treated for static electricity or made with material blends that minimize the risk of those pesky shocks you get from carpeting.

But just in case you’re still experiencing static electricity, using a humidifier will put enough moisture in the air to reduce or eliminate the chance of static electric shocks. There are also a wide range of anti-static agents that can treat any static electricity in your carpets.

Carpet Dents, Ripples

Minor defects in the carpeting like dents and ripples can be unsightly and lead to further damaging of your carpet.

Furniture Marks

Unsightly marks from furniture are often permanent. You can prevent them with glides and leg cups to put under the legs of your heavier furniture pieces. Moving the furniture periodically, even a few inches either way, will also help with permanent dents.

In areas damaged by table or couch legs, scraping a coin across the affected section will bring the pile of the carpet back into position. Warm the area by holding a hot iron several inches away from the carpet. Never place the iron directly on the surface.

Rippled Carpeting

Humidity can also cause carpets to ripple. The changing of the seasons and the amount of moisture in air will typically allow the problem to work itself out. Severe rippling may require carpet re-stretching services

Carpet Seams, Tears

If the seams in your carpeting have seen a lot of wear and tear, or have not been properly glued down, they may begin to come apart. High-traffic areas are especially susceptible to separation of the seams between sections of the carpeting. Gluing the seams back down as soon as possible will prevent fraying and further damage to the carpet. There are also carpet-seam adhesives on the market that help to keep the seams attached.

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