In most cases, a carpeted floor is the best choice for a business environment. It’s visually appealing, highly adaptable, and fits well everywhere from small to very large spaces, and can be used to cover almost all floor construction materials. Via regularly scheduled carpet cleaning in Los Angeles, the useful life of carpet can be greatly extended. Overall, the carpet is of tremendous value for the square footage it covers.

“Design, acoustics, indoor air quality, and comfort are just a few of the multitude of benefits carpet gives workspaces for employees and employers.”

~ The Carpet and Rug Institute

How to Smarten Up Your Carpet Cleaning in Los Angeles

Additional benefits of a well-maintained carpeted work area include reducing slip-and-fall accidents, noise reduction, energy conservation as insulation, and being more ecologically friendly than most other floor coverings. Few people are aware that carpet emits exceptionally low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which is a big plus for our California attitude toward Go Green.

Once building owners and facility managers make the decision to install carpeting, the next significant step is developing and adhering to a plan for professional carpet cleaning in Los Angeles.

A regular and thorough vacuum cleaning plan is a good beginning but needs a full professional comprehensive approach that includes routine cleaning, interim maintenance, light cleaning, and deep restoration. This will vary depending on the traffic the carpet experiences, but life-extending carpet cleaning in Los Angeles requires high-quality, well-maintained equipment, and knowledgeable technicians thoroughly trained in chemical solution application and extraction. Modern carpet care has seen important advancements in applied solutions as well as equipment that bolsters performance and efficiency.

Essential Steps to Performing Carpet Care

Dave’s Carpet Cleaning will help you develop and follow a professional and comprehensive carpet maintenance program. Four critical steps to begin with are:

  1. Establishing a regular vacuuming schedule using professional quality vacuums with extra emphasis on high-traffic areas.
  2. Evaluation for preventive measures that minimize tracking dirt and grime onto carpets – often as simple as placing mats at primary entry points.
  3. Using eco-friendly cleaning agents for “spot” cleaning between professional cleanings.
  4. Evaluation to determine an appropriate deep-cleaning schedule as needed but at least every 6 to 9 months.

Quality carpet cleaning in Los Angeles involves first selecting the appropriate commercial carpeting to meet both the aesthetic and durability needs of the work environment. Areas of high traffic require more frequent cleaning along with the carpeting material being more durable and stain-resistant.

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth it?

Today’s professional carpet cleaning is better than ever. The extraction motors are more powerful for removing dirt and leave almost no chemical residue. Accessory hoses and upholstery tools have also been upgraded. Building owners and managers have more than enough to do to keep a business successful. You should not expect to know the latest technology that goes into carpet cleaning in Los Angeles.

The carpeting is literally under your feet and gravity eventually pulls almost everything down to floor level. Even frequent vacuuming only picks up a fraction of what gets into the carpeting.

Nearly 85% of the dirt that carpets hold is buried deep within the carpet pile. Carpet can easily trap at least its own weight in dirt and grime. A 300 square feet space or smaller can contain as much as 150 lbs. of whatever has found its way to the floor.

Regular professional carpet cleaning in Los Angeles helps:

  • Reduces health concerns. Professionally cleaned carpets can mean the complete removal of general dust, dander, soil, and accumulated debris — leaving them as good as new. It also eliminates mites and bacteria as well as the causes of allergies, mold, and many other potential problems to ultimately make the work environment safer.
  • Increased carpet life expectancy beyond that of what it would have been without.
  • Creates a healthier environment. Internally for customers and employees as well as externally through lower levels of volatile organic compounds.
  • Stain removal. Professional carpet cleaning accomplishes the most thorough removal of stubborn stains and dried spills leaving the carpet in like new condition and fresh and clean.
  • Overall improved appearance. Even the oldest of carpets and furniture can look brand new leaving you with that new fresh feeling again.
  • Professional carpet cleaning goes beyond appearance to enhance the entire space. Most odors are eliminated by a basic professional cleaning. We can also provide special treatments to ensure fresh, clean-smelling carpets.

You may have even invested in a small domestic carpet shampooer, but the results are far inferior to what professional steam cleaners and industrial extract machines will achieve. Domestic machines (even the more powerful ones) just don’t have the power to get out the deep-down dirt and germs. Dave’s Carpet Cleaning uses high-quality professional equipment and trained technicians with years of experience and the know-how that includes when and where to utilize the right solution for the job.

Along with upholstery and carpet cleaning in Los Angeles, we are also experts at providing these necessary services:

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