Cleaning your carpets is another task on your ‘to-do’ list that probably rates right down there with periodic deep cleaning of your home. If you’ve shampooed your own carpets in the past, you dread this task but still want the pleasure and healthy feeling that comes with knowing your family is well taken care of. Please take a moment to read further about how finding the best professional carpet cleaning in Los Angeles shortens your ‘to-do’ list while delivering superior results.

Dave’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning covers all of Los Angeles County from Malibu to Long Beach, Pacific Palisades to Inglewood, Burbank to Chavez Ravine, and from South Bay to South Central — and everything in between. Our deep cleaning does much more than removing stains. It beautifies your home, enhances your family’s healthy living environment, and extends the life of your carpets – even if you have seven puppies. We do it all for you, including area rugs, upholstery, tile, and concrete.

Differences Between DIY and Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many people do some small spot removal, but life is more enjoyable when your carpets are professionally deep cleaned on a regular schedule. Experience, skill, and equipment make a profound difference in the results that you should expect to achieve.

Dave’s Rug Care uses the best equipment in the hands of skilled technicians. Dave’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning brings truck-mounted industrial-grade equipment right to your door. Our technicians know the differences in the construction and fibers of your carpets. Even the most cost-conscious customers see the many benefits that carpet cleaning professionals deliver compared to the hassles of a stain treatment, scrubbing, and blotting experiment that goes wrong half the time when doing it yourself.

Quality Carpet Cleaning in Los Angeles

Once you decide that professional carpet cleaning is your preference over DIY, you’ll want to be sure you are receiving high-quality carpet cleaning in Los Angeles.. Dave’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning always provides high quality service for the best price.

The carpet cleaning company in Los Angeles that you hire will determine the aftermath and longevity of your carpet. On the other hand, risk comes with poor service. You risk permanent damage from over-wetting, improper or poorly mixed chemicals, improper brushing, and other shoddy practices. Not all carpet cleaning services are the same.

For the most comprehensive, affordable carpet and upholstery cleaning in Los Angeles, a name trusted for more than 50 years, call Dave’s Rug Care today at 310.230.3800, or visit to learn more.

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