When you request a comprehensive carpet cleaning in Los Angeles, you know what works best: industrial-strength equipment. But how do you prepare? As a common courtesy, making room in your driveway or home front is an excellent way to start for better access and a smoother process. The following are practical yet effective ways to enhance your carpet-cleaning experience.

1.     Clear the Way

The most important preparation you can do for your technician is to clear the way for the hose and other equipment, which the techs will run from the van to your carpet. To prepare the carpet, clear as much as possible that will allow them to clean to the best of their ability.  Remove lamps, plants, tables, and the rest of the furniture or other knick-knacks.

Your carpet-cleaning technician will alert you beforehand, as to what furniture they will need moved (if need be) and any additional costs associated with moving heavy items like televisions and couch sectionals. Make sure all valuable or fragile items are put away for safe keeping during the cleaning process.

2.     Protect Walls, Drapes

Professional carpet cleaning technicians from Dave’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning are there to do a fast and efficient job. They will be able to accomplish this if you apply painters tape to the corners and baseboards, thus protecting where hoses and cords may rub against the wall.

Any floor-length draperies should be secured on the drapery rod or windowsill to prevent the fabric from coming into direct contact with the cleaning materials.

3.     Inspect For Problem Areas

It would be a great benefit if you remembered the cause of the stained areas on the carpet, which in return, would help the technician to treat the areas accordingly. When you make your appointment, inform the dispatcher so that the technicians can be best prepared with the right tools and chemicals.

4.    Have a Pet Plan

Your pets will not want to be anywhere in the area when the carpet is being cleaned. If they cannot be safely put in another part of the house or backyard, it may be a good idea to make other arrangements to keep them safe and away from the delicate process. Further, informing the technician about the type of pets you have allows them to properly treat the carpets accordingly.

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