Using an industrial cleaning tool that is attached to the truckmount steam cleaning machine by a specialist will remove dust, debris and stains from all of your couches, chairs and other upholstery.

Improves Air Quality

Lingering dust and dirt that gathers on the surface and within the deep recesses of your upholstery holds potentially harmful contaminants that when airborne can result in a host of health problems. A professional couch cleaning will improve the air quality around your furniture and living space.

Eliminates Odor

Food stains, mold, smoke or pet dander that accumulate and sit within the fabric and creases of your upholstery will eventually secrete bad odor, which over time can become a health hazard. A professional couch cleaning from the experts at Dave’s Carpet is the best solution to deeply cleanse away the source of the odor and leave your furniture and home smelling fresh and new.

Reduces Allergies

The fabric on your couch naturally absorb allergens; thus dust, pet hair, and mold growth within the fabric can make certain allergies flare up, effecting your respiratory system.A professional couch cleaning treatment will remove these harmful allergens, allowing your upholstery to breathe as freely as you will.

Removes Bacteria

The dark, warm inner recesses of your couch and other upholstery are ideal breeding grounds for harmful bacteria to build up. Routine couch cleaning in Los Angeles will remove the potentially harmful buildup that may be making you sick without awareness.

Stay Healthier with Dave’s Cleaning Services

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